Are you looking for technical advice and support for a specific topic?

Do you need help to translate a not clearly defined task or project into a work package specification?

Are you looking for a specialist with technical experience and industry insights in your specific area?

We can help with expertise in the following domains:

Automotive System Engineering

  • System concept definition and feasibility studies.

In the beginning there is always an idea. There is often a pre-development phase between the initial idea and the start of a development project for series production in order to define first concepts and check their feasibility. We can help and support your pre-development projects with precise technical analysis and studies for the following areas of expertise (amongst others):

Control systems for longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamics

Driver assistance systems

Brake systems

  • System development considering brake system standards ECE-R13, EU 2015-68, FMVSS121.

Based on our experience in the brake and vehicle control system development we can help to check regulation compliance of existing systems or work out new regulation compliant concepts and document the requirements.

  • Development of test concepts

Consistency of test measures without a high rate of redundant test cases across different system test levels is an important factor of the test concept creation. We can develop an efficient and consistent test concept in alignment with your experts.

Project Management

  • Project Planning

Project planning is one of the most important activities in the project management. It is crucial to detect problems in an early project phase which helps to implement efficient counter measures in order to avoid bigger deviations.

  • Project Structuring

If project tasks are not properly assigned or if too many or not enough people have been tasked to co-ordinate, it will impact the project progress in a very negative way and result in delays and deviations. We can help you to find a balanced and effective setup for your team.

  • Supplier management in a project

Do you encounter a lot of surprises in the collaboration with your suppliers? We can advise you how to establish a consistent and effective supplier management in your project.

  • Risk management in a project

Problems which could have been known and expected from the beginning are often popping up in the middle of a project. Many times corrective actions are only taken after a risk becomes reality. We can help you to introduce an effective risk management to avoid predictable trouble in your project.

  • Project management in platform projects

Compared to a customer project a platform project requires a much more strategic approach. Especially the decision making process is significantly more difficult since technical and concept directions have to be agreed upon despite many unknown factors. We have the experience to support you in this critical and difficult process.

Product Line Engineering

Do you have to develop a system platform and want to make sure that you start in the right way with all important aspects being considered? You would like to understand why “strategic reuse” is better than “opportunistic reuse” for your company? We are the right partner for working out the answers for these and other questions.

  • Structuring the platform and customer projects

If you are in the process of developing a platform and you are facing the challenge of managing an overlap of strategically important platform activities with short term customer projects we can help you to stay on top of things.

  • Platform processes

Are you asking yourself which process steps, in addition to the regular V-model, are required to execute a platform development? The definition of scope and content as well as the application of the platform in a project are requiring additional steps which have to be managed with an adequate process. We can help to identify the right approach for your platform projects.

  • Platform scope definition

Do you want to actively plan the reuse of work products and not depend on what is available from previous projects? We can support you in the essential step of precisely describing the scope of the platform.

  • Variability management

If you want to optimize the degree of reuse from your platform by developing a variable reference architecture, we can help you to design and document the variability.

  • Configuration management

Are you facing challenges in the configuration management of your platform elements? An example for a typical pitfall are bug fixes in customer project branches instead of central fixes on the platform. This leads to an unnecessary duplication of bugs. We will help you to set up an effective and platform compliant configuration management.

Functional Safety according to ISO26262 / ISO25119

Since the introduction of the ISO 26262 in 2011 or the ISO 25119 in 2010, safety management and safety engineering has become an important factor in every automotive development project. If the requirements of the safety standards have to be implemented in a later stage of a project instead of the initial concept phase, the effort is significantly higher which is resulting in budget and timing risks for the whole project. Since safety requirements also have a strong impact on the software and hardware architecture of the system, they should not be changed in the course of the project. This helps to avoid additional effort and to improve the quality of the product.

  • Safety Workshops

Our Safety Workshops include the theoretical background of the ISO 26262 or ISO 25119 standard and the creation of a Technical Safety Concept (TSC) for a product specific and safety relevant function of an actual customer project.

  • Project specific tailoring of the ISO 26262 / 25119

A project specific tailoring at the beginning of a project is a required step of the ISO safety standards. We can provide assistance for this crucial task.

  • Project support

Do you want to make sure that your development of safety critical products is done efficiently? We provide support and guidance throughout the duration of your project.

Process consulting

  • Company specific tailoring of the ISO 26262 or ISO 25119

A company specific tailoring of the ISO26262/25119 is required in addition to the project specific tailoring in order to stay in compliance. We can help to set up your company in the best possible way.

  • Development and introduction of project management processes

If the way your projects are set up and managed depends very much on the individual project manager, the efficiency and success rate of projects will vary in an unpredictable way. We can help to develop, describe and establish standards for more consistent and effective project management in your company.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Do you want to increase transparency, improve the quality of planning in your projects and avoid bad surprises? This can be realized by introducing performance indicators to monitor for example how many requirements are linked properly, how many bugs have been identified or how the resources of your micro controllers are being used. We can assist you to define and introduce the right KPI’s for your automotive projects.