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Tight with resources?

Surprises in your project?

Need for temporary help?

We will find a qualified expert for on-site support.

Our focus areas:

Project management

  • Do you have a strong team of expert engineers but you cannot ensure an effective co-ordination ? Do you need help in managing parallel and overlapping projects? Are you missing project managers for various reasons? We can help you out with our experience to set up and start a project in an optimal way. We can also help you to execute it effectively or to re-structure a running project to increase the performance and avoid future internal and external escalations. We are working with the effective methods of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

System engineering

  • Due to our experience from many projects we can adapt quickly to a given system engineering environment and help to get things done.

Requirements engineering

  • Do you have to develop a complex system and need short term support to effectively create and link system requirements? We can be on-site quickly with experienced experts to support you in generating and managing requirements.

System test automation

  • Do you need support to increase the level of automation for your system test? We can provide a powerful team to define and execute test cases based on the system requirements.

Functional safety according to ISO 26262 or ISO 25119

  • Do you need on-site support for functional safety related tasks? We can manage and create all important work products of the ISO 26262 and ISO 25119 standards.