System engineering in the automotive industry is an ever-changing process. With the growing demand for systems and vehicles which are connected and acting autonomously the number of safety critical functions is increasing rapidly. Engineering methods, processes and technical solutions are increasingly driven by the functional safety requirements.

While the challenges and expectations are the same in all automotive industry segments, the solutions have to be customized to the specific needs for the different vehicle classes. Developing a safety critical control system for a passenger car which is being produced in millions requires a different approach from developing a comparable functionality for a specialty vehicle which might only achieve a two-digit quantity.

Due to our experience in the passenger car as well as in the commercial vehicle and off-highway industry, we are able to identify your needs and provide flexible and tailor-made solutions.

We consult with you, analyze and workout the best approach for the challenges you are facing.

Thus we can be your project partner, service provider or consultant. Whether you need an additional expert in your team or you have work packages of different complexity – we can help and deliver results. Based on our long experience in project management and engineering leadership we can set up a team and manage it for your project.

Since every project requires a certain set of skills and specific knowledge, an individual expert can sometimes only cover a share of the requested tasks. We are linked with several freelancers and engineering service providers in order to be able to quickly form a team focused on the specific requirements of your project. Through this network we are also able to constantly expand our knowledge to keep pace with technological, methodical and process related trends and developments.

Prior to starting, or during critical phases of a project, it often helps to look at it from an outside perspective in order to adjust structures, methods and processes or to add missing expertise. We provide advice and consulting ranging from one-day-workshops to assistance throughout the duration of the project. With our long and global experience, we are also your partner for international projects.

If your project is too big to be executed in your own facility, or if you prefer an off-site location for the team, we can provide the required office space with professional equipment.